Bögeholz                                                     Press

“...It was an easy task for Bögeholz: in his hands the music resounded lively and with absolute sophistication. As so often, he once again proved to be the philosophical interpreter who, despite his expertise, modestly takes a figurative step back, allowing the music to come to the fore, and it is exactly this attribute that makes him so amiable. ...”

Westdeutsche Zeitung , 9 June 2008

“...Vicente Bögeholz played in a flowing balance, a delicately hued sound with fine nuances. ...”

Rheinische Post, 9 June 2008

“ ... Vicente Bögeholz’s sensitive and technical accomplishment on the guitar reflected his immense artistic maturity …he harbours an intense will to express himself, something he was able to impart to the audience with his musical excellence and his sheer joy in playing.“

Die Rheinpfalz, 20 April 2004

“ …The Chilean guitarist charmed the entire audience with his performance. …confident and skilled techniques … an extraordinary musical creativity …“ (Cultural Summer South Hesse)

Darmstädter Echo 27 September 2002

“ …At Schloss Burgau Vicente Bögeholz showed absolute class with a convincing lightness, virtuoso confidence and a sound of delicate lucidity. …“

Dürener Nachrichten 19 September 2001

“ ...Bögeholz, ... enchanted the audience with his fine musical creativity, elegant playing, and sophisticated interpretation... He played with a light hand, flowing and flamboyant... Giuliani’s Grande Ouverture resounded not with affectation, but with a wealth of sound and colour differentiation. ...“

Bonner Rundschau 3 November 1999

“...With his lyrical and elegant interpretation the musician took the hearts of the audience by storm. ...“ (International Days of the Guitar - Wetzlar)

Stadtanzeiger Wetzlar 22 September 1998

“ Vicente Bögeholz played the solo part of the work brilliantly and demonstrated in the slow middle movement that also a guitar can “sing” … The soloist’s technical proficiency was absolutely fascinating in the cadences.“

Aachener Zeitung 23 April 1996

“...His outstanding feature is his extremely wide artistic scope, ranging from chamber music to concerts with a symphony orchestra, from the renaissance to our times. This, along with his perfect, incredibly light and yet precise gambolling over the strings, is what makes him stand out among other talented guitarists, and this was more than obvious at the prize ceremony. … Head of the Cultural Department Nordhoff: ...Bögeholz has a very promising career ahead...” (Solo recital at the award ceremony of the Arts Promotion Prize of the City of Aachen 1995)

Aachener Nachrichten 21 December 1995

“.. confidence and finesse in his playing technique, … a sheer musical joy - a feast for the ears and the eyes.“

Rheinische Post 25.10.1994